Remote Body-Mind-Heart-Spirit Awareness Sessions

During this time of shelter-in-place, hands-on bodywork is not possible. However, I am happy to share with you the following alternative option.

In the over 30 years that I have been a bodywork therapist, primarily practicing the Rosen Method Bodywork Therapy, I have successfully adapted my work for people who could not visit me in person at my Berkeley, California office.

The Rosen Method includes light touch, but since we are separated, I am offering remote sessions on the phone. In many years of working remotely, I have developed the ability to follow, with my own body, the changes in the bodies of my remote clients. They have confirmed that this way of working was also greatly beneficial.

All you need is headphones or earbuds, connected to your phone, so you can keep your arms and hands free and relaxed.

You lie on your bed, sofa, or a mat on the floor, with a pillow under your knees and another under your head, whatever you need to be most comfortable. You will need a blanket to stay warm enough for an hour. You will have your eyes closed during the session to remain focused on your inner body experiences.

I will be sitting at home with my headphones and will call you at our appointment time. The length of the session is one hour.

As I guide you throughout the session, I will help you to turn your full attention to your body, stay connected to your body, feel your feelings and find words to describe them as they arise.

As you share your experience with me, as it develops through the session, together we receive what your body reveals. My deep listening to you, to your voice, breath, and emotions guides me to ask questions and make observations that take you deeper into yourself. I bring my full presence and awareness to you to support this process of exploration. We take time to allow the spaciousness needed for your whole being to expand, express itself, and find integration.

As the session draws to a close, together we acknowledge what we have discovered. We make an appointment for the next session. After we separate, I recommend that you rest a bit and keep receiving the benefits of the session. Although the actual session has ended, the benefits will continue.

When you feel ready for this new body-based healing process, please call me at 510 525 3805 (Berkeley, California), and/or email me, to make an appointment.

With great respect and love,

From Odile Atthalin, MA Clinical Psychology, Certified Rosen Method Bodywork Practitioner and Senior Teacher, Minister of Body-Mind Therapy.

Berkeley, March 2020.