About Odile’s Teaching

“The pearl is in the oyster — and the oyster is at the bottom of the sea — dive deep”


“Odile has been my teacher through the process of becoming a Rosen Method Bodywork teacher and trainer of other teachers. I especially appreciate several aspects of her approach:

She eased me into apprenticeship step by step, supporting me to take on leadership skills as I felt ready. She taught me what she was doing ”behind the scenes”, how to see the big picture, how to hold the container of a group, how to reach deeper into the group energy to guide and direct it. Above all, she has a unique vision that comes from her eclectic background and personal journey. She always amazes me with the inspiring themes and approaches she brings that support the learning of Rosen Method.”


About Intensives

These haikus were written by participants, summarizing their experience at the end of a Bodywork Intensive in 2001.

Little by little
I let go of the holding
And I gain myself


Touch me into wholeness
My body will show the way
Listen to my heart


Aware, awakened
To new possibilities
Joyfully I rise


You listen and see
Touch, allow me to be
I come home to me


A scared little boy
Feelings waiting to be free
Now I can be me


Tender touch on skin
Loving words warmly given
Heal the heart within


About Private Sessions

“I was looking for someone very experienced with Rosen Method to help me—mind body spirit—move through a time of difficult life transition. I was reinventing myself. After our first session, I knew I’d found my way to an extraordinary relationship. Odile can read my body like a sage. She knows how to hold me to help me come into my body and really inhabit it. Her hands offer direct feedback about where I am disconnected. I have the feeling of every cell enlivening and I feel very present with myself.”

“As a learning coach, I support a lot of people. In my work with Odile, I am supported and renewed by the awareness that results.I notice myself opening naturally. I appreciate and trust the full range of my emotions. I experience a deepening integration. Over time, I see myself learning how to bring this awareness and integration into more of my daily life. … from this journey within, I have so much more of myself available to work and play and love and create.”


“The Rosen practitioner is my witness. She watches me, touches me, notices that I am alive. I become a full person through her watching, touching, and listening. I inhabit my body. I flow into my own body, like water. And I am not alone. There is a sense of being restored, as if, lying on the table, I am drawing clear water up into my being from a deep deep well.

Metaphors about my own body often come to me during a session, and they help me to understand myself. On one occasion I experienced myself as an urn, full of creative space, not empty but open. Another time my chest felt like a giant butterfly with its colorful wings spread wide. Sometimes I have felt enormous angel wings sprouting from my shoulders. A common quality of all these metaphors is the sense of openness I get from Rosen work.”


“Although I had sat zazen for many years and had a lot of experience of mind-feeling-body relationship, I had little understanding, until I met Odile, of the particular ways old history locked into my body, was influencing the way I stand, sit, walk and breathe. Discovering the “knots”, the places gone “numb”, the places I had abandoned, was often confusing and painful, as well as joyful and connective. Gradually it became a real home coming.

This healing required the presence of a witness; one who, through sensitive touch, could feel the physical wounding, draw my attention to it and help me stay there even when I wanted to leave. It was a wonderful example of help; without being at all invasive, it gave me access to the fullness of my experience, unrestricted by the various clutches of anxiety, shame, buried angers etc. I enthusiastically recommend it.”


“My practitioner listened in a way that I had never been listened to before. Feeling Odile’s gentle hands on my body as I traveled deep within myself, feeling her attention and her total acceptance of whatever arose, gave me a kind of peace, even in the face of painful discoveries, that was profoundly important to me. There was something about knowing that she could take it all in and be there with me, something about her ability to offer unconditional support for my inner being, at the same time that she actually touched my skin, something about her ability to discard judgment, something about her straight forward but kind manner, that opened me up in ways I had not opened before.”


“Do you believe there is some place that will make the soul less thirsty? Be strong then, And enter into your own body; There you have a solid place for your feet.”