Rosen Method is a transformation-oriented bodywork which brings, through aware touch and dialogue, the light of consciousness to the darkness of the unconscious embedded in our body. Rosen Method addresses directly the source of our suffering — feeling cut off from our authentic self — and transforms us through healing that sense of separation.

“The transverse thoracic muscle, a very small muscle under the breast bone extending towards the ribs, together with the lid muscles on top of the rib cage, holds down feelings of all sorts, especially the loving feelings. People with tension there tend to feel depressed and isolated… When the transverse thoracic muscle releases, people feel a stream of love going through them… they get in touch with their ability to love, their loving that has always been there.”


The Method

Rosen Method bodywork is an invitation to enter into a relationship with your inner world in your body. You learn to develop the ability to observe yourself without judging yourself, facilitated by the contact of the loving hands and the witnessing  presence of the practitioner.

Both the practitioner and the client develop a field of awareness and collaboration. Together we notice, we connect with, we open up and we remove the layers of chronic tension that separate you from your authentic self.

As the process unfolds, consciousness gradually re-enters these areas that you had to avoid, reject, deny, ignore and hide because they were too painful. You feel widened, expanded, lighter, softer, freer. You uncover, beneath the chronic tensions, another you, your authentic self. In that state you experience deep acceptance, you are reconnected to the essence of all life, to your inner wisdom, to your spontaneous  unconditional love, to your joie-de-vivre.

Awareness is the key and the agent of the transformation.

The Process

Rosen Method bodywork is a slow, organic process done in private sessions. Each session lasts one hour and is totally confidential. A series of sessions is recommended.

At our first meeting, we will sit together to get acquainted. I will explain the process to you and answer your questions. Then you will you lie on the massage table for your 55 minutes session.

As the practitioner, my hands are full of awareness, applying gentle contact, communicating awareness to your body, re-awakening the areas they touch and hold;

  • My hands show you the different layers of chronic tensions and help you to stay with the tension until it is ready to let go; we keep peeling away these protective layers, like you peel an onion.
  • I listen to your body responses. I ask your non-conscious self in your body: “What happened that made you have to hold on, hold back, hold in and keep holding yourself together?” We start a deep exploration of the root causes of the tensions.
  • I track your breathing patterns, watching how your breath shifts when tension is released,
  • I keep mirroring your process with my hands and my words, I have no agenda to change anything, I keep supporting you staying present.
  • At times, I notice that a deeper easier flow of energy is moving through the core of your body, I invite you to recognize these moments when you find yourself free of holdings and are in touch with your true self.

As the client, you turn your attention inside and stay alert to all parts of yourself. Over the course of our work together, the process is about:

  • Feeling the sensations of stiffness, of holding, of gripping, of softening, of tingling, of breathing, just sensing and accepting it all as it is,
  • Allowing buried feelings, painful emotions and memories to float up to awareness, without judging them, staying focused on the feeling experience within your body; letting anger, hatred, jealousy, hostility, despair, fear, disgust, desire, be as acceptable as the positive emotions of joy, love, compassion, well-being,
  • Allowing me to hold your most intense emotions in my hands and noticing how they dissolve into our field of awareness,
  • Allowing desires to manifest without engaging in their stories,
  • Communicating verbally what you notice in this moment, here and now.

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“Love is the only emotion that broadens vision and expands intelligent behavior”


“Your task is not to seek love, but to merely seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it.”


What are the Benefits?

  • Learning to stay aware of yourself, sink back into yourself and let yourself feel whatever you feel, in your daily life.

  • Stress-reduction, relieving chronic tensions, lifting repressions and defenses, allowing yourself to have strong feelings without acting out.

  • Discovering the power of awareness, how awareness can dissolve negative destructive patterns

  • Experiencing this empathic respectful new relationship with your practitioner—that includes safe touch—to repair past abusive relationships

  • Feeling more focused and more confident when rooted in your body

  • Holding on to your center through ups and downs and, when you slip off center, know how to return to your body and breath as pathways to your core self.

  • Learning to listen to your bodily sensations in order to quiet your obsessive thinking.

  • Learning ways to live with chronic pain and the difference between pain and suffering.

  • Uncovering, feeling and healing the core pain of your life.

  • Learning to be present emotionally to others’ emotional states or the practice of attunement. Learning to listen to the other, see the other, and let the other be.

  • Developing the witness—awareness—consciousness parts of yourself .

  • Coming back to your authentic self, embracing the joy of being who you are.

  • Enhancing well being, contentment and peacefulness.