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The many benefits include:

    • Learning to stay aware of yourself, sink back into yourself and let yourself feel whatever you feel, in your daily life.
    • Stress-reduction, relieving chronic tensions, lifting repressions and defenses, allowing yourself to have strong feelings without acting out.
    • Discovering the power of awareness, how awareness can dissolve negative destructive patterns
    • Experiencing this empathic respectful new relationship with your practitioner—that includes safe touch—to repair past abusive relationships
    • Feeling more focused and more confident when rooted in your body
    • Holding on to your center through ups and downs and, when you slip off center, know how to return to your body and breath as pathways to your core self.
    • Learning to listen to your bodily sensations in order to quiet your obsessive thinking.
    • Learning ways to live with chronic pain and the difference between pain and suffering.
    • Uncovering, feeling and healing the core pain of your life.
    • Learning to be present emotionally to others’ emotional states or the practice of attunement. Learning to listen to the other, see the other, and let the other be.
    • Developing the witness—awareness—consciousness parts of yourself .
    • Coming back to your authentic self , embracing the joy of being who you are.
    • Enhancing well being, contentment and peacefulness.